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1. A group of canoes was headed for Astoria, Ore., last week to mark the bicentennial of the journey of what famous explorer of the Northwest?

A. Meriwether Lewis

B. John Jacob Astor

C. George Vancouver

D. David Thompson

E. John Gray

2. The media empire headed by Rupert Murdoch, which faces a “phone hacking” scandal in the United Kingdom, operates many news outlets in the U.S. Which of the following is NOT part of Murdoch’s empire?

A. The Wall Street Journal

B. National Geographic Channel

C. New York Daily News

D. Fox Sports

E. Can’t fool me. Murdoch’s company owns all of them

3. Joseph Duncan’s execution was put on hold by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which ordered a hearing to determine if Duncan was

A. Not guilty of murder by reason of insanity

B. Not competent to stand trial for murder

C. Not competent to waive his right to testify

D. Not competent to plead guilty to murder charges in California

E. Not competent to refuse to appeal his death sentence

4. Some officials in California are suggesting the state be split to make it easier to govern. Who or what must approve of such a split?

A. The governor and the president

B. State Legislature and the Congress

C. The Legislature and simple majority of state voters

D. Congress and supermajority of voters in the area to be split

E. None of the above. Once a state is established, it can’t be split unless part of it secedes from the union.

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