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Drop the blame game

Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been working hard lately blaming President Obama for the lack of U.S. jobs. But the question actually deserves to be asked of her: Where are the jobs? She’s been in Congress for eight years. For six of those she actively supported the practices that created all the problems we now face.

Now not only is she in the middle of another term with her party in control of Congress, she holds a high-ranking position that should allow her to influence their agenda. However, her party has not introduced, let alone implemented, one single thing to grow jobs.

There isn’t even a “Jobs” category to select when I go to Cathy’s website to respond to her blame-game diatribes. Cathy is part of the problem. And as we learned in childhood, when you point at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you.

It’s time for Cathy to stop blaming and start fixing. She has all the tools at her disposal. If she’s not up to the task, she needs to be replaced with someone who is.

Sharon Smith


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