July 23, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

It’s hard to say


I’m on Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ constituent emailing list. She said she needed my opinion and asked me to check one of four responses to the question, “Should Congress raise the debt ceiling?”

Let me paraphrase my choice of responses as she really intended: 1) Yes. I’m a liberal/socialist/communist and want the federal government to rule my life. Let the government borrow into infinity. 2) Yes. I’m a responsible, God-fearing Republican and think we should raise the debt ceiling only if we make deep cuts in social services, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and keep taxes low on the rich and powerful and, in some cases, nonexistent for the biggest corporations. 3) No. I’m a serious conservative and/or Tea Partier and think the U.S. government should default on its loans to ensure the economy is destroyed so we can prove that the government does not work. 4) I don’t know.

Thank you, congresswoman, for giving me absolutely no opportunity to respond to your “survey” in an unbiased way. Your questions did not give me the opportunity to actually express my opinion.

I’d love for you to host an actual town hall meeting, so I could give you my opinion in person, but I guess you don’t do those.

Timothy McCarthy


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