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Stop supporting jobless live-in beau


Dear Annie: I am 30 years old and divorced with two young sons. Two years ago, I began dating “Brad,” who is six years younger. He doesn’t work or go to school and now lives with me and my kids. I work full time and pay someone to clean and watch my kids until I get home.

Recently, I’ve been getting annoyed. I love to eat out and go out for a Saturday or Sunday so my kids and I don’t get bored, but I’m tired of paying his way for everything we want to do.

I do care about Brad, and he’s been employed here and there, but those jobs last about two weeks, and then they fire him or he simply doesn’t return. I have tried to talk to him about it, but he ends up getting mad and yelling or walking away. What do you think I should do? – Minnie in Texas

Dear Minnie: Please throw this guy out and get your life back. As long as you allow Brad to be a freeloader and treat you like his mother, he will continue to do so. He is 24 and needs to grow up. You have young children, and you are modeling behavior they will absorb and apply to their own lives in the future. Irresponsible boy-men should not be moving in. Tell Brad it’s time for him to find his own place, and if he’s smart, he’ll also find a job. If you want to date him, fine, but don’t support him.


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