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Huckleberries: Some good eggs live in this gnarly neighborhood

Sun., July 24, 2011

Don’t mess with Bentwood Park. The Coeur d’Alene subdivision in the shadow of Canfield Mountain has intent Neighborhood Watchers. Case in point. Editor Cindy Matthews of the Bentwood Park Newsletter reports that one neighbor chased down a suspect who has been annoying the ’hood with random acts of bell-ringing. The perp is “about 5’10, 15 years, with sandy-blond hair and a thin build,” according to Cindy’s newsletter. Which added: “The police … would like people to call them for the door ringing and/or any problems so they can have an idea where this kid is going and patrol accordingly.” Then, there’s the egg attacks. An early-morning walker Tuesday reported to Cindy that he spotted five freshly egged vehicles – three on Miner’s Loop and two on Thomas Lane near 22nd. Based on the “spatter from the eggs,” Cindy reports, “It’s obvious they were thrown from a moving vehicle.” A carton of broken eggs was found in the middle of Playfair Street. Egg spatter? Ring-and-run? Book ’em, Dan-o.

Joke’s on brother

Under no circumstances should you match practical jokes with Trish Gannon, of Clark Fork. Trish? She’s the publisher/janitor of the monthly River Journal mag. She played the Mother of All Practical Jokes on a brother who’s wound tightly. After brother Boyd died, Trish wrote to Uptight Brother that it wasn’t fair that she should be the sole proprietor of Boyd’s ashes. So she wrote that she’d decided to split the ashes among the surviving siblings (all of whom were in on the joke but Uptight Brother). The targeted brother received the letter along with a canning jar full of ashes, labeled “Boyd,” featuring the burned remains of “every paper in the house.” He freaked and complained to mother. Who was laughing so hard she put Trish on the phone. Trish told her Uptight Brother to “buck up,” after he’d yelled at her for a while. Three years later, he began a call to Trish by saying, “That WASN’T (expletive deleted) funny!” Trish knew then that her practical joke was a gift that’d kept on giving.


Overheard: At Supercuts last Sunday, a hairstylist told a rose-growing customer that she’s tired of guys she dates always giving her red roses. “I wouldn’t mind yellow ones or white ones for a change.” And you female readers are thinking: “You still get roses?” … Delinquents in a Washington car stopped at the Highway 95 stoplight at Garwood thought they were funny bursting out of the doors and running around, like old Keystone Kops characters – until one of them almost got run over by another vehicle. All lived to play the fools another day.

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