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Landers drives wedges

Rich Landers calls Ted Nugent divisive but goes on to make clearly divisive and unproductive statements himself.

Don’t like baiting, Rich? Don’t like semi-auto rifles? Don’t like people who enjoy filling all their tags? You showed disdain for the “right wing” that agrees with Ted. Somehow your quiet respect is superior to another’s happy celebration at the time of kill? All of that makes you better than Ted? Makes you better than me? Makes you better than millions of hunters who do enjoy such things?

I find this hit piece to be not only divisive, but misleading and beneath the standards of responsible “outdoor” journalism.

The Spokesman-Review should be ashamed that its hunting editor would so irresponsibly drive wedges between sportsmen by looking down his nose at their legal hunting method, choice of rifle, political leanings and respect for someone they admire – a “someone” who has the No. 1-viewed show on the Outdoor Channel, no less.

Jeff Christensen