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Nugent spews blather

Kudos to Rich Landers for exposing Ted Nugent as the loudmouthed blowhard who continues to give hunters and conservationists a black eye. The myriad hunting programs on cable and satellite channels are loaded with seemingly uneducated, self-serving “Deliverance” types barely able to speak coherent English, let alone give intelligent input to hunting and its relationship to conservation and game management. Before you respond, Mr. Stone, with your narrow and empty, mindless thoughts, I am a 64-year-old who has hunted around the globe, served as president of the Northwest Wildlife Council and the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, and I own more firearms than the average hunter. I, however, dropped my membership to the NRA in 1980 when the radicals tried to tell me how and for whom to vote. Hunters perform a valuable public service for wildlife management, but we need spokesmen with brains and not imbeciles with an editorial or bandstand forum such as Ted Nugent.

Kent Hull

Hayden Lake