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Fancy yourself a quizmaster? Prove it. And try a longer, interactive test (and a chance to win lunch for two at Clinkerdagger) at newsquiz.

1. Politicians continue to haggle over the details of a deal to raise the federal debt ceiling. When it was created in 1917, what was the country’s original debt limit?

A. $50 million

B. $792 million

C. $1 billion

D. $11.5 billion

E. $45.7 billion

2. Space shuttle Atlantis returned safely to Earth Thursday, ending the shuttle program. What other NASA spacecraft made news last week?

A. Magellan

B. Dawn

C. Ceres

D. Phoenix

E. Vesta

3. How much silver has the Sunshine Mine produced in its 125 years?

A. 360,000 ounces

B. 3.6 million ounces

C. 36 million ounces

D. 360 million ounces

E. 3.6 billion ounces

4. What is a haboob?

A. An uncouth person

B. A small rodent found in North Africa

C. An insult

D. An intense dust storm

E. A South American tuber

5. The whitebark pine won’t be listed as an endangered species because of budget constraints. What does the tree rely on for regeneration?

A. Wind

B. Fire

C. Squirrels

D. Clark’s nutcracker

E. Cloning

6. A North Idaho engineer won a $750,000 research contract from the Federal Highway Administration to do what?

A. Create a manure-powered engine

B. Build a wind-powered charging station for electric cars

C. Pave a parking lot in solar panels

D. Test a new formula for deicer

E. None of the above, you’re making this up

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