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SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2011

Wolf traps barbarous

Trap a dog by its leg or neck, leaving it to struggle in terror and pain for up to 72 hours, and you’ll be charged with animal cruelty under Idaho law. Title 25 defines cruelty as “the intentional and malicious infliction of pain, physical suffering, injury or death upon an animal.”

Yet, Idaho Fish and Game proposes that Idaho wolves, cousin to our German shepherds, be subjected to the pain, injury and death by the use of snare and foothold traps. The proposal would allow wolf trapping from Dec. 1 through Feb. 15, 2012.

Steel foothold traps cause deep lacerations, bone breakage, joint dislocations and amputation. Snare traps, designed to strangle, are notorious for failing to kill, while inflicting massive injury. Trapped wolves can legally be left to suffer for up to 72 hours.

On Thursday, Fish and Game commissioners will vote on wolf trapping. Please contact IDFG and oppose this barbarism. Go to the Idaho Fish and Game website ( and complete the simple wolf survey there. Or mail comments to IDFG, Box 25, Boise ID 83707. The comment period closes Wednesday.

Forbid this state to shame and degrade us all with trap-torture of the beautiful, intelligent gray wolf.

Mary Anderson, Angela Clark,

Bob Hagen

Coeur d’Alene

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