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Another kind of bailout

Psst. Mom, Dad’s at it again.

Remember after the last time we bailed Dad out of debt he promised he wouldn’t do it again. Well, the bank gave him another credit card and he took his wealthy friends out partying, and since Dad didn’t want to be the only one spending money he decided to give his wealthy friends money to spend.

He then sent the neighborhood kids to the Middle East for vacation. They are still there and he just got the bill for it. Now, to reduce his costs, he wants us to cut back on how much we eat, our visits to the doctor, and if we don’t figure something out the bank has told dad that they will foreclose on our home, taking everything including the clothes on our backs.

Some of Dad’s friends are willing to pay back the money he gave them to spend, but he doesn’t want to do it because he’ll look like a piker, and Dad isn’t willing to get a second job to increase his income, but he is willing to pull the plug on Grandma to cut costs.

Aren’t Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the Republican Party just grand?

Lawrence Schuchart



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