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Washington records


Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Corey D. Bryant and Chelsea M. Griffin, both of Spokane.

Ryan L. Burke and Dibaisi T. Hathaway, both of Spokane.

Nicholas P. Berger and Lindsay D. Allen, both of Spokane.

Matthew D. Gotfredson and Amanda G. Whittles, both of Logan, Utah.

Braden J. Pogue and Lydia E. Madrid, both of Coeur d’Alene.

Trevor J. Hansen, of Springdale, Wash., and Dianne L. Flowers, of Reardan, Wash.

Christopher M. Hudson, of Damascus, Ore., and Stephanie D. Rabey, of Portland.

Christian L. Nead and Hillary J. Schauer, both of Post Falls.

Casey N. Clark and Sarinda R. Brown, both of Spokane.

David P. Hulsey and Marcella M. Langford, both of Houston.

Joseph R. Teel and Britney M. Aliment, both of Spokane.

Adam D. Gibson and Shyla S. Collins, both of Spokane.

Brian K. Coe and Kelly A. Sullivan, both of Newman Lake.

Alex R. Jones and Trishanna M. Cox, both of Mead.

Ryan M. Dunn and Faith C. Saxton, both of Spokane.

Jeffrey A. Harris, of Spokane, and Deborah A. Steele, of Spokane Valley.

In the courts Superior courts

New suits

Walker Construction Inc. v. Peak Roofing Inc. et al., breach of contract.

James B. Wedemeyer v. James C. Vanlobensels et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Donald G. Williams v. Donna K. Johnson, injuries/vehicle collision.

Freddy M. Ambrocio v. Travis Emmons et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Sunne E.L. O’Brien v. Barbara Brauner, injuries/vehicle collision.

Kimberly J. Ovens v. Cheyne B. Anderson et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Dresden Group LLC v. Dusty Kayser et al., restitution of premises.

Mike Proteau v. Chris Rainer et al., restitution of premises.

Karlin Lynch et al. v. Scott Delago et al., restitution of premises.

Heidi M. Hamilton v. Allen Hills et al., restitution of premises.

Preferred Capital Management et al. v. Catherine Denny et al., restitution of premises.

Alan Sigmon v. Cash L. Fry et al., restitution of premises.

Spokane Housing Ventures et al. v. Shelby Stewart et al., restitution of premises.

McHugh Cummings LLC v. Angela D. Jepson et al., restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Parkins, Donald A. and Michelle R.

Stanley, Debbie A. and John C.

Gethers, Jennifer and Scott

Mai, Long and Thanh

Gonzales, Ricci R. and Jones, Marcus J.

McClure, Kathleen J. and Robert D.

Marriage dissolutions granted

Sheppard, Shiy-Anne R. and Hanson, Timothy J.

Branson, Brooklyn M. and Eric S.

Vandiver, Jack D. and Ana E.

Criminal sentencings

Judge Harold D. Clarke III

Angela C. Dorman, 35; $1,351 restitution, 37 months in prison, after being found guilty of four counts of second-degree theft, second-degree attempted theft, second-degree organized retail theft, three counts of first-degree trafficking in stolen property and third-degree theft.

Judge Sam F. Cozza

Devin M.W. Check, 21; $10,158 restitution, six months in jail, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to possession of a stolen motor vehicle and second-degree assault.

Abran L. Gibson, 20; three months in jail with credit given for 53 days served and with 11 days converted to 88 hours of community restitution, after pleading guilty to second-degree malicious mischief.

Jason E. Clough, 39; 25 days in jail with credit given for 25 days served, after pleading guilty to unlawful issuance of a bank check.

Scott A. Smith, 39; 67 days in jail with credit given for 67 days served, after being found guilty of four counts of first-degree trafficking in stolen property.

Thomas D. Lamere, 26; 39 days in jail with credit given for 39 days served, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy to possess a controlled substance and second-degree burglary.

Judge Greg Sypolt

Theresia L. Beckett, 56; 22 months in prison, after pleading guilty to five counts of attempting or obtaining a controlled substance by forged prescription.

Federal court

Bankruptcy petitions

Terry Lee Perkins and Ramona Lee Perkins, Nine Mile Falls, debts not listed.

James and Debra Louden, 1009 W. 19th Ave.; debts of $328,817.

Brett Pruett, Moses Lake; debts of $291,811.

Kimberly Stoltz, 2803 W. Beacon Ave.; debts of $225,111.

Johnathon Brown, 9249 N. Coursier Lane; debts of $12,481.

Todd and Denise Lund, 6211 S. Meadowlane Road; debts of $289,342.

Edward and Angela Brabant, Colbert; debts of $28,788.

Sadella Hazel, 2201 N. Craig Road; debts of $41,709.

Ronald McCoy, 4818 N. Martin St.; debts of $171,564.

Barbara Frederick, Liberty Lake; debts of $181,738.

Rufa and Jay Semencha, Spokane Valley; debts of $671,558.

Tracy Luke, Deer Park; debts of $135,912.

Steven and Conla Olson, 4603 N. Stevens St.; debts of $121,449.

Scott and Hannah Masters, 12116 E. 21st; debts of $455,152.

Sheri Marlin, 8302 S. Hilby Road; debts of $104,714.

Jennifer Donnelly, Pasco; debts of $113,682.

Raychale Ota, 29 E. Sixth Ave.; debts of $216,952.

Gregory Herron, Colfax; debts not listed.

Patricia May, 6120 N. Colton St.; debts of $177,541.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Sara B. Derr

Tayone D. Akers, 20; 56 days in jail with credit given for 56 days served, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Daniel K. Blakesley, 23; $950 fine, one day in jail converted to 15 days electronic home monitoring, driving while intoxicated amended to reckless driving.

Robert J. Youngs III, 26; 45 days in jail with credit given for 45 days served, 24 months probation, first-degree criminal trespass and fourth-degree assault.

Amado M. Briceno, 37; 10 days in jail, second-degree driving with license suspended.

Marshon K. Davis, 26; 30 days in jail, second-degree driving with license suspended amended to third-degree driving with license suspended.

Michael A. Cain, 49; $500 fine, one day in jail, 12 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

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