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Advantage: Verner

The two front-runners in our mayoral race are Mayor Verner and David Condon.

Educationally, Mr. Condon obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance and military science from Boston College. Mayor Verner obtained a bachelor’s degree in medical anthropology, with honors, from Davidson College; a master’s degree in environmental studies, with honors, from Yale, and, a law degree, with honors, from Gonzaga University.

Advantage: Verner.

While much of their adult work experience is arguably a “toss-up,” Mr. Condon has never held political office. Mayor Verner was appointed to the Spokane City Council in 2004, elected to the City Council in 2005 and elected Spokane mayor in 2007.

Advantage: Verner.

Were our country, state, county and city enjoying economic surpluses, we might be able to afford the time a newbie would need to figure out how to be Spokane’s mayor. We don’t have that luxury. This fact, in concert with advantages set forth above, constitute the reasons I’ll be voting for Mayor Verner. I’d respectfully ask that you do the same.

Greg Johnson



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