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Sun., July 31, 2011

Found the jobs

Cathy McMorris Rodgers asks, “Where are the jobs?” She hasn’t been paying attention: the jobs are in China. American corporations like General Electric have moved their jobs there.

But don’t worry. China is building a city south of Boise. Maybe they will bring some jobs.

In Canada and Mexico you must be a citizen to own property. In this country anyone can own property.

One of McMorris Rodgers’ colleagues recently suggested we solve our debt problems by selling off U.S. assets. Does that include Yellowstone Park and the national forests?

In Greece the rich refuse to pay taxes and their country has gone bust. They are balancing the budget by cutting services to the bone. It could happen here. It is happening here.

One of these days I hope Congress will get back to work. The nation’s business is not getting done.

As for raising the debt ceiling, let it go. Maybe I won’t get my Social Security check, but neither will Hamid Karsai.

I sympathize with President Obama. He inherited a very tough situation.

Sandra Sweetman

Republic, Wash.

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