July 31, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Vote for Hession and Condon


Though now residing in North Idaho, I continue to follow closely elections in my old hometown to which I returned in 1981, first as the regional vice president for Kaiser Aluminum and then the founding partner of a regionwide public affairs firm.

I was delighted to see Dennis Hession enter the race for City Council president. The city needs his steady, experienced hand guiding the council. He was a fine mayor as well and still has much to offer the community.

Even if I did not know David Condon and believe he will make a far better mayor than the current incumbent, were I living in the city, I would still vote for him. People who know me know I adhere strongly to some basic rules of politics, one of which is loyalty to those who help one along the way.

Mary Verner took the generous help of Dennis and Jane Hession when starting her political career, then metaphorically stabbed them in the back. For that reason alone she should not be returned to office.

David Chris Carlson

Medimont, Idaho

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