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Sun., July 31, 2011

War of the parties

All the bickering and lack of compromise is going to destroy this great country. This is an example of our dysfunctional Congress. Party first before country.

Taxes for airline tickets were allowed to expire because of the bickering of the two parties. “The transportation department said it will lose 200 million dollars a week” because the two parties could not reach a compromise. Who won?

“American Airlines say they raised fees to offset any tax savings.”

It certainly was not our country. Maybe our representatives should ride the bus and they should be the last to be paid as well as their states. When interest rates go up and the rating agencies lower our ratings, then I believe the citizens of this country should have the “million man” march in Washington (nonpartisan) to demand better government.

I hear now another commission is being formed to help solve this problem. Will that help? This reminds me of the movie “The War of the Roses.” Two parties cannot reach a compromise and the result will be the destruction of the country.

Sol Barnett


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