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North Spokane armed robberies lead to three arrests

SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011, 5:28 P.M.

Police bring out SWAT team to surround house

Spokane police have arrested two men and a woman following an investigation of two recent North Spokane armed robberies.

According to reports at, police surrounded a house near Napa and Decatur in north Spokane Saturday evening and eventually arrested the suspects inside. They have not been identified.

Officers tracked down the suspects based on witness reports of the car used in the alleged robberies, according to reports. Officers called in a SWAT team to cordon off the area and convince the suspects to surrender.

One robbery incident earlier Saturday involved a man, allegedly holding a handgun, approaching a woman near a North Spokane Walmart, and demanding her money.

The suspect took off in a tan Cadillac, according to reports.

Roughly 90 minutes later a second similar incident occurred in the parking lot near the Sears store at NorthTown Mall. The alleged assailant drove off in a Cadillac, police were told.

Police came to the house near where the car was parked and set up SWAT positions. The two men inside the building came out and surrendered to police before 11 p.m. The female suspect came out later.


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