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Waiting for vote rationale

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted in favor of the Ryan budget. That budget calls for the elimination of Medicare as we know it today, while giving tax cuts that would benefit the wealthiest Americans. I find that to be an interesting vote, so I went on her Web page to see if she offered an explanation for her vote. Nothing. I emailed her, asking for an explanation. Again, nothing. I looked on her Web page to see when a town hall meeting might be held, so that I could discuss this vote with her. None scheduled.

Congresswoman, I know that you are busy, but perhaps between holding $250-a-plate fundraisers and posing for photo ops with Speaker Boehner, Congressmen Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan, you might take some time to explain your vote to the people that elected you. I am sure The Spokesman would be more than happy to give you space on this page. They accommodated me.

Terry Hill



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State lawmakers want to create a legislative loophole in Washington’s Public Records Act. While it’s nice to see Democrats and Republicans working together for once, it’s just too bad that their agreement is that the public is the enemy. As The Spokesman-Review’s Olympia reporter Jim Camden explained Feb. 22, lawmakers could vote on a bill today responding to a court order that the people of Washington are entitled to review legislative records.