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From our archives, 100 years ago

Posses were scouring the Mica Peak area for a sharpshooting desperado named William Byrd, who shot down three men in Dishman.

Byrd had apparently been nursing a grudge against a man who owned the boarding house where he was staying. The man kicked Byrd out after accusing Byrd of showing undue attention to his wife.

So Byrd took a streetcar to Dishman, walked into a building where the man was working, and shot the man dead. Then he turned the rifle on the construction foreman, who had earlier fired Byrd.

When an impromptu posse pursued Byrd, he turned and shot from the hip, hitting one of the men, the local justice of the peace, in the breast from 200 feet.

The Chronicle said he “demonstrated fiendish skill” with his deadly Winchester. The first two men were dead and the justice of the peace was near death.

Then Byrd lit off for the forests around Mica Peak. Some thought he was heading for the Coeur d’Alene Reservation.

A posse of more than 20, accompanied by bloodhounds, followed his trail to the Mica Peak area. The sheriff expressed the fear that Byrd would show up at an area farmhouse and demand food.

Check this column Saturday to see if that fear proved justified.

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