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Washington records


Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Ivan S. Kislyak and Helena Piskun, both of Spokane.

Shawn P. McGinnis and Melinda J. Andrews, both of Spokane Valley.

Edward J. Lee and Maria C. Howard, both of Spokane Valley.

Timothy A. Foss and Carolyn B. Thomas, both of Spokane.

Steven J. Pfeifer and Rachelle L. Emerson, both of Spokane.

Mark F. Monnone and Catherina A. Fry, both of Spokane.

James J. Turner and Jessica S. Caudill, both of Spokane.

Carl J. Diana and Melanie J. Fairfield, both of Cheney.

Samuel J. Magee and Alicia L. Davis, both of Spokane.

David R. Burdick and Charmaine M. Webster, both of Otis Orchards.

Jeffrey M. Yergens and Vanessa L. Hennes, both of Spokane.

Michael D. Roach and Samantha J. Howell, both of Spokane.

In the courts Superior courts

New suits

Whidbey Island Bank v. Chong S. Gibbs, money claimed owed.

AmericanWest Bank v. Robert T. Lazier, money claimed owed.

Jean Repp v. Scott A. Smith et al., medical malpractice.

Darren M. Shroll v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., personal injury.

Estate of Harold R. Howard et al. v. Peal May et al., quiet title.

Wandermere Estates Homeowners Association v. Surheet K. Bakshi, violations of covenant, conditions and restrictions.

Clarity Home Solutions LLC v. Brittany Korzonthowski, restitution of premises.

Bill Howard v. Brian R. Noyes et al., restitution of premises.

Metlife Home Loans v. Janet L. Degarmo et al., restitution of premises.

Lynn Pugh v. Denese Powe et al., restitution of premises.

Rodney Seefeldt et al. v. Heather Reynolds et al., restitution of premises.

Mead Royal Manufactured Home Community v. Jeffery Richards et al., restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Winant, Kelli M. and Perry W.

Weeks, Ashley and Daniel

Norman, Ronald L. and Anne E.

Graves, Gina M. and Brian K.

Esmay-Haux, Nicole and Haux, Robert

Curl, Scott L. and Varee

Marriage dissolutions granted

Ely, Lisa D. and Eric L.

Dewey, Craig D. and Jennifer R.

Webb, Patricia J. and Darrell W.

Christenson, Teri L. and Phillips, Michael D.

Reyes-Lopez, Grance C. and Agustin

Steele, Eben and Gustin, Shandalea

Hogewoning, Tina M. and Jacob L.

Cleveland, Joshua E. and Jamie L.

Visco, Laura C. and Robert Z.

Wolfe, Amanda L. and Jason D.

Scalise, Denise M. and Dalke, Sean K.

Stevens, Breann T. and Cleve J.

Alvarado-Phillips, Krista A. and Phillips, Tyler

Bevier, Tanya S. and Leo G.

Rogers, Michele L. and James C.

Welker, Justin A. and Simpson, Milissa M.

Stoner, Samuel H. and Megan B.

Eccles, Sheila M. and Robert G.

Criminal sentencings

Judge Harold D. Clarke III

Devron M. Parrish, 24; 45 months in prison with credit given for 163 days served, after pleading guilty to second-degree robbery.

Jeffrey D. Young, 50; 227 days in jail with credit given for 92 days served, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to two counts of domestic violence riot.

Martin S. Morse, 31; 12 months in jail with credit given for 206 days served, after pleading guilty to residential burglary and fourth-degree assault.

Jerry R. Lamere, 37; six months in jail with credit given for 46 days served, after pleading guilty to third-degree retail theft with extenuating circumstances.

Loren C. Kintner, 31; $945 restitution, 365 days in jail with credit given for 266 days served, after pleading guilty to two counts of vehicle prowling.

Carl R. Laprath, 42; 6.75 months in jail with credit given for 72 days served, after pleading guilty to second-degree attempted burglary.

Judge Annette S. Plese

John M. Taylor, 26; six months and one day in jail with credit given for 55 days served, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest.

Judge Greg Sypolt

Matoya D. Rickard, 32; $1,110 restitution, 15 months in prison, after pleading guilty to second-degree assault.

Judge Linda G. Tompkins

Jamison W. Lang, 30; $267 restitution, 22 months in prison, after pleading guilty to second-degree possession of stolen property.

William J. Lawrence, 32; two months in jail, after pleading guilty to escaping from community custody.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Michelle Szambelan

Larry D. Lovins, 40; 13 days in jail, malicious mischief.

Ryan L. McDowell, 24; nine days in jail, theft.

Commissioner Kevin Stewart

Travis R. Church, 28; 90 days in jail, two counts of third-degree driving with license suspended; $1,121 fine, driving while intoxicated.

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