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Angler promotes ‘trash fish’

Sun., June 12, 2011

The Fish’Sposal clips to an angler's shirt or vest.
The Fish’Sposal clips to an angler's shirt or vest.

Product helps keep streams clean

An Inland Northwest fishing guide has created a product to help anglers reduce stream litter one fouled fly, snipped leader or candy wrapper at a time.

Tom Loder of Panhandle Outfitters has watched for decades as little bits of trash get away from anglers on his favorite waters.

“I’m sensitive to this because I love pristine streams, and so do my clients,” he said.

His invention, which showed up online and in fly shops and Wholesale Sports stores this spring, is called the Fish’Sposal (

“It’s the fisherman’s litter keeper,” Loder said.

The Fish’Sposal is a fish-shaped tool made of flexible silicone rubber and attaches with a zinger to a fishing vest. Squeeze the tail to open the container for easy disposal of fishing litter. It closes when you let go.

Loder said the product was field tested for a year and designed to be proudly worn by conservation-minded anglers.

“Using Fish’Sposal prevents fluorocarbon leader clippings, spent shot, broken hooks, spent flies and other fishing debris that are not biodegradable from ending up in the environment,” he said.  

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