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Not sorry for NFL

Sun., June 12, 2011

The drill seargent stood  in front of me while I stood stiffly at attention and stroked  his index finger across his thumb in my face and gruffly said, “Nelson, do you know what this is?”

“No Sergeant, I don’t.”

He replied, “It’s the smallest fiddle in the world and I’m playing it for you.”

I never forgot that expression and how fitting it was under trying circumstances .

Well, I’m playing that fiddle for all the multimillionaire athletes and their owners in the NFL and other sports. I don’t give a damn if they play a down of football this year.  Let them cry all they want they will get no sympathy from me and other fans. And don’t tell me how rough and physical their sport is.  For the men and women in two war zones that don’t even have a locker or place to shower, their pay is a pittance to these crybabies.

There, I said it and I’m glad as I stroke my fingers.

James A. Nelson



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