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The Slice: She’ll have the Meow Mix, with a side of slug

MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2011

You might want to skip this if you are having breakfast.

The Slice had asked about certain wet-weather visitors.

And the subject line on Allyson Busko’s email was “When Slugs Attack.”

“At night, you must wear some kind of shoe when walking in our lawn,” wrote the student at Lewis and Clark High School. “Yet the real horror about our slug population is when my sister’s cat, Genevieve, comes inside after a night of prowling for the succulent little critters.”

(OK, this is your last chance to look away.)

Busko continued, “Her mouth will be so plastered with the slug’s slime that she can’t even meow. Even worse, bits of grass and dirt get stuck in the slime. It makes me wonder how tasty the slugs are. A delicacy in France, perhaps?”

Probably not. But they certainly are on the South Hill, at least for one feline with a French-sounding name.

Almond joy: The first item in Thursday’s Slice caught Joyce Momb’s eye.

“Just had to comment on the 9-year-old grandson that talks to birds,” she wrote. “Have one better. My 79-year-old hubby of 56 years talks to squirrels. And guess what, they answer. I swear they understand each other.”

Who is to say they don’t?

“Could be they are spoiled as we feed them three times a day with premium almonds.”

Could be.

Maybe pretty soon they’ll be asking for macadamia nuts flown in from Hawaii.

Just wondering: Do driving instructors here have any special tailored-for-the-Inland Northwest tips for students?

Generation gap: Don’t suppose Internet-savvy boys today could relate to the idea of having had a special relationship with one particular issue of Playboy borrowed from an older brother’s secret stash.

You know, for the articles.

Consistently inconsistent: “Some people say they live here for the four seasons,” wrote Jeff Brown. “Then they complain about all of them.”

Today’s Slice question: Do kids’ social cliques become a little more elastic during the final days of the school year?

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