Test your summer health IQ

Every summer, we get asked many of the same questions by our patients. We thought we would turn the tables and see if you know the answers.

Take the quiz and figure out your summer health IQ:

1. True or false? If you get sick 30 minutes after you eat, you likely have a foodborne illness.

2. True or false? Everyone is at equal risk of getting skin cancer.

3. True or false? Silly Putty in the ears can prevent the infection known as swimmer’s ear.

4. True or false? UVB and UVA protection are recommended in sunscreens.


1. False. More than 75 million cases of foodborne illness happen each year. Foodborne illnesses can take two to six hours – and sometimes one to two days – to appear. The last thing you ate before your nausea, vomiting and diarrhea started may not be the cause of your illness.

To avoid foodborne illnesses, use the four principles of proper food handling: cook, clean, chill, separate. And don’t forget to wash your hands after touching raw meat.

2. False. People of all skin colors should be mindful of their sun exposure, but certain people are at higher risk for skin cancers:

• Those with fair skin or who burn easily, light hair and blue or green eyes.

• Those with a history of skin cancer or a first-degree relative with skin cancer.

• Those with at least one severe sunburn in their life.

3. False. Wax ear plugs or custom-fit ear plugs are recommended to prevent swimmer’s ear. Sorry, Silly Putty fans.

4. True. The CDC’s website says: “Dermatologists recommend using a full-spectrum sunscreen that blocks or absorbs all UV rays.” UVB rays cause sunburns, wrinkling and skin cancer. UVA rays cause tanning, but unfortunately, they also cause wrinkling and sun damage.


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