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Appointee unproven

Rob Chase (Letters, June 4), take off the rose-colored glasses.

It is true that Jeff Baxter was “unanimously” appointed to the Senate by the county commissioners. Unfortunately, the commissioners did not have a slate of qualified applicants. Of the three on the list, one has plenty of political baggage, including anger management problems. One has an arrest record. The last man standing, Baxter, had no experience, has never been elected to public office and had recently lost his bid for the West Valley School Board.

And now, two months in office is hardly “seasoned.” He is still a newbie. Furthermore, you claim Baxter represents the “grassroots citizens.” Look again. It is precisely the people who actually represent the “grassroots,” who have been elected time and time again by the “grassroots citizens” of the 4th District, who have fought hard for years against government spending, support small business and lower taxes, who all endorse Mike Padden. These include the late Bob McCaslin, Larry Crouse, Lynn Schindler, Mark Sterk and Charlie Wolfe.

Ronald Brown

Spokane Valley


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