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Sat., June 18, 2011, midnight

Give Opinion page a shot

I wonder if the Spokesman editor will ever move Shawn Vestal’s tirades from the news pages to the Opinion page where they belong? I’ve never cared much for Doug Clark’s columns, but Shawn’s vicious sarcasm leaves him in the dust. Today’s column, “Some folks are missing the point of vaccines” (June 10), was no exception.

Apparently, Shawn doesn’t understand that we live in a free country. If women can choose to kill their unborn babies, why can’t parents choose not to have their children vaccinated? If I have to walk through a cloud of cancer-causing cigarette smoke every time I enter NorthTown Mall, why can’t I choose not to have my children vaccinated? Just because Shawn chooses to believe everything that scientists, the government, doctors and the media say doesn’t mean I’m obligated to, and it doesn’t make me paranoid.

Finally, Shawn’s statement about homeschooling indicates that he thinks homeschooled children never leave their home, and thus would present no danger of infecting other people with diseases. I wonder if he is actually personally acquainted with any homeschool families? Probably not. Again, just another sarcastic tirade – in the news section.

Kelli Burton

Medical Lake

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