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Hite’s musical trip brings him home

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Seattle-based singer/songwriter/musican Brett Hite is home for the summer to write and record music. The former U-Hi and UW soccer player travels nine months of the year, performing frequently on college campuses.
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Through the summer, Hite will play at Zola’s, 22 W. Main Ave., most Wednesday evenings.

Brett Hite, 25, currently resides “in the middle of nowhere” in Spokane Valley on 10 acres where he has room to create, to think, and to run.

In his room, he has all that he needs; computer, keyboard (the musical kind), a couple of guitars, paper, writing utensils and his voice. The home belongs to his parents and he is only there a few months out of the year. The rest of the time, he is performing at college venues across the United States. Until he hits the road again, he will be unwinding while writing and recording new songs.

Hite grew up in Spokane Valley and graduated from University High School. He was an athlete back then, not a musician. He excelled in soccer, going on to play for the University of Washington where, in his sophomore year, he injured his knee and sat out a season. Music was his solace. “During that time, I recorded a terrible album,” he said.

Self-taught for the most part (he failed music theory), Hite plays the guitar, the piano, and the drums. After graduating from UW with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, he played soccer for a season with the Seattle Sounders. “They never had me sign a contract,” he said.

A little frustrated, he came back home and coached at Whitworth University for a season and then worked at a coffee shop by the college. “I started thinking ‘aargh, this is my life?’ I realized that I needed to do something different,” he recalled.

With music still on his mind, Hite packed up his things and moved to Los Angeles where he lived on a friend’s couch for six months. He rubbed elbows with people in the music industry, made some good connections and did some studio recording.

He found an agent out of Nashville who books his college gigs. He returned home, more certain than ever that music was his thing. “For a while, I thought I’d be playing soccer for the rest of my life but no, music is it,” he said, “I have no backup plan because I believe that I will achieve the success I want because my mind is set.”

Listening to him play his guitar and sing is like being taken away. His voice is powerful and a little dreamy and his songs are filled with heart. When asked what his message is, he simply states, “To encourage people to love.”

One of his songs, titled “Beautiful Pain” was written when he returned home after spending months on the road: “You stole my heart and you took my soul, and led me down this brand new road. The path has been so long and winding and all the headlights can be so blinding. One by one I stack these stones to try and build a place to call home.”

Hite’s CD “Visible” is now available and another is in the works. He has 20 college shows already lined up beginning in October and he is currently No. 2 on local pop charts of Reverb Nation. “I create music because if I died tomorrow I would not want to have missed the opportunity to pursue my love,” he said, “Bottom line is – music moves me and becomes the words I don’t have.” 

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