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Make hers a short.

“Nine-year-old Amilee visited us recently with her parents,” wrote Mildred Scheel. “When they began making preparations to leave, Amilee picked up the car keys and teased that she wanted to drive home.”

So Scheel had a question for the little girl. “OK, what is the first thing you would do?”

Amilee didn’t have to think about it. “Stop at Starbucks,” she said.

Identify the three who were mayors of Spokane: A) Race Bannon. B) Horatio Belt. C) “Raccoon” John Smith. D) Andy Devine. E) Ron Bair. F) Blanton Collier. G) Cuthbert Twillie. H) Ziya Tong. I) Keefe Brasselle. J) Booker T. Jones. K) Fred Furth. L) TV’s Frank. M) Niece Penny. N) Daniel Simpson Day. O) Roman Gabriel. P) Newton Newkirk.

Find the answer down below my contact info.

Here on Father’s Day Eve, let’s consider 15 festive holiday songs just waiting to be written: 1. “Blue Father’s Day.” 2. “Holly Jolly Father’s Day.” 3. “I Heard the Bells on Father’s Day.” 4. “I’ll Be Home for Father’s Day.” 5. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Father’s Day.” 6. “Rockin’ Around the Father’s Day Tree.” 7. “Snoopy’s Father’s Day.” 8. “The Night Before Father’s Day.” 9. “The Twelve Days of Father’s Day.” 10. “We Need a Little Father’s Day.” 11. “Do They Know It’s Father’s Day.” 12. “White Father’s Day.” 13. “All I Want for Father’s Day is You.” 14. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Some Guy Named Ramon.” 15. “All I Want for Father’s Day is My Two Front-End Alignments to Not Cost an Arm and a Leg.”

Slip-sliding away: Jim Mathis taught driver’s ed around here for decades. “My advice to beginning drivers is that when that first snowfall of the season happens, they should leave their cars at home and watch all the idiots who forgot how to drive on slick roads,” he said.

Today’s Slice question: Would Bing Crosby have become a star if he had gone by his real name, Harry, instead of his nickname?

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