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Washington records


Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Christopher J. Schwieters and Amber M. Bliesner, both of Coeur d’Alene.

Shane R. Rikerd and Amber L. Holmquist, both of Spokane.

Scott M. Emmerson and Celeste N. Held, both of Spokane.

Kyle Y. Yancey, of Nine Mile Falls, and Rachel N. Yoke, of Spokane.

Adam L. Winings and Ashlie R. Bischoff, both of Spokane Valley.

Wesley J. Collins, of Wanship, Utah, and Kaylee L. Hartshorn, of Newman Lake.

Andrew J. King and Ashley A. Mills, both of Medical Lake.

James J. Hansen and Carrie A. Coman, both of Spokane Valley.

Jon H. Christner, of Spokane, and Heather V. Vandenbark, of Nine Mile Falls.

Marc T. Bailey, of Laurel, Md., and Jasmin M. De Ramos, of Spokane.

Sean M. Matson and Arley A.K. DeBoise, both of Spokane.

Jasen T. Wambold and Laura L. Mohar, both of Portland.

Andre P. Lee and Kandace C. Patchen, both of Spokane Valley.

Patrick J. Segadelli, of Liberty Lake, and Ashley M. Dieter, of Spokane Valley.

Kristopher D. Sanderson and Anastasia N.L. Martin, both of Spokane.

James M. Janzen and Katie L. La Fountain, both of Spokane.

Michael T. Bonnes and Jody M. Harville, both of Spokane.

Cory J. Spolski and Stephanie J. Neumann, both of Spokane.

In the courts Superior courts

New suits

Globe Building LLC et al. v. Guardian Security Systems Inc. et al., money claimed owed.

Discover Bank v. Kathleen L. Scott, money claimed owed.

Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. v. David A. Steckler et al., foreclosure.

David Cohen v. Spokane County, land-use petition.

Connie Bowman v. Jeffrey J. Henneberg D.D.S. et al., medical malpractice.

Beneficial Mortgage Corp. v. Ezra Kinlow et al., reformation.

Leonard M. Breuer v. Jerry T. Dyreson, professional negligence.

Laura Harris v. Richard Judd, personal injury.

Edward Ramsey v. Douglas Harmon, personal injury.

J P D Inc. v. Liberty Northwest Insurance Corp., property damage.

Liberty Northwest Insurance Co. v. Avista Utilities, property damage.

Cynthia L. Oglesbee v. Mohsen Rigi, injuries/vehicle collision.

Thomas Kagi v. Robert L. Carroll, restitution of premises.

Fannie Mae v. Chad W. Bess et al., restitution of premises.

GSF Cedar Sands LLC v. Mariah Merry, restitution of premises.

Bellwood Investments v. Chelsia Krisher, restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Shepherd, Larry A. and Hollie J.

Zinn, Ashley and Victor

Walters, Dorothea L. and Wonnacott, Gregory D.

Blume, Joselyn E. and Robert L.

Benjamin, Manal and Mark

Gwyn, Krisse S. and Stephen W.

Tillie, William and Shalana C.

Sandberg, Sara A. and Michael L.

Eirls, Danielle I. and Richard A.

Marriage dissolutions granted

McGee, Morgan L. and Todd J.

Curley, William J. and Katherine S.

Leasure, Reme B. and Donovan S.

Criminal sentencings

Judge Maryann C. Moreno

Christopher M. Clough, 30; $816 restitution, 60 months in prison with credit given for 264 days served, after pleading guilty to third-degree rape, unlawful imprisonment and first-degree criminal impersonation.

Jeffrey L. Tibbett, 48; $666 restitution, 12 months in jail with credit given for 546 days served, after pleading guilty to first-degree child molestation, second-degree child molestation and third-degree child molestation.

Breanna Shove, 21; $1,157 restitution, 30 days in jail, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to second-degree theft.

William J. McLaughlin, 36; 61 months in prison with credit given for 176 days served, after pleading guilty to first-degree child rape, first-degree child molestation and first-degree possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

David W. Rice, 22; 43 months in prison, after pleading guilty to failure to register as a sex/kidnap offender.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Vance W. Peterson

Steven M. Clopton, 28; 15 days in jail with credit given for 15 days served, 24 months probation, fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

Judge Sara B. Derr

Matthew T. Baumann, 25; $500 fine, driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

Fernando E. Bautista, 29; $500 fine, one day in jail, 12 months probation, physical control amended to first-degree negligent driving.

Jeremiah S. Blackburn, 28; $866 fine, one day in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated.

Gary B. Case, 52; $500 fine, three days in jail with credit given for three days served, driving while intoxicated amended to reckless driving.

Robert S. Collier, 43; 40 days in jail with credit given for 24 days served, 24 months probation, two counts of third-degree theft and obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Benjamin F. Cooper, 26; 30 days in jail, third-degree malicious mischief.

Jason A. Dunn, 30; two days in jail converted to 16 hours of community service, 12 months probation, second-degree driving with license suspended amended to third-degree driving with license suspended.

Jayme L. Fullmer, 29; $500 fine, 12 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

Commissioner Gerald Caniglia

Robbie H. Anderson, 46; 11 days in jail, violation of a no-contact order.

Brock A. Cone, 23; $660 fine, 27 days in jail, violation of a no-contact order and domestic violence assault.

Judge Michelle Szambelan

Leonard L. Latting, 56; five days in jail, pedestrian interference.

Danielle K. McCutchen, 22; 13 days in jail, theft.

Richard M. McHaffey, 46; 30 days in jail, theft.

Kenneth W. Middleton II, 32; one day in jail, third-degree driving with license suspended.

John M. Monton, 45; five days in jail, operating a motor vehicle without ignition interlock.

Tony S. Nielsen, 50; 45 days in jail, theft.

Victor L. Oles, 34; 19 days in jail, second-degree trespass premises.

Johnathon J. Otis, 24; 30 days in jail, theft.

David J. Teter, 56; 90 days in jail, two counts of second-degree trespass premises.

Judge Tracy Staab

Jack Tibon, 37; $866 fine, one day in jail, driving while intoxicated.

Tanisha A. Travis, 23; 15 days in jail, theft.

Paul J. Walton, 29; 14 days in jail, unlawful bus conduct.

David K. Warren, 64; 10 days in jail, theft.

Shanda F. White, 19; five days in jail, second-degree driving with license suspended.

Gavin D. Wolf, 24; 90 days in jail, theft, disorderly conduct and first-degree domestic violence trespass building.

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