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Building in older areas helps improve them

To all the green signs supporters on Walnut Road in the Spokane Valley:

I grew up in the Gonzaga University area and it was much like the street on Walnut Road here in the Valley, with beautiful homes and well-kept yards. The college came in and built larger buildings as needed for and it made that area look even better than before.

I got married and bought a home in the Valley built in 1917, and University High School was built across the street from this home and in doing so improved the area around it.

I have five children and they all went to St John Vianney School – this in the span starting in 1954 and the church was built on Walnut Street and it improved that street. The building of a proposed senior community center built to match the buildings there can only make the area stay in the present condition and not get run-down as it has in areas where older homes are.

 I am 79 and, who knows, may hopefully live in this home some day.   To keep up with the times here in our city we need to add to the older areas to keep them up as needed. 

Robert Conrad

Spokane Valley



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