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House vote record wanted

I believe the final solution to the current budget/debt issue will fundamentally drive a generational change in America. I also believe that The Spokesman-Review has an obligation to its readership to accurately and regularly report on those issues as they are debated in Congress and in communities around the country.

Towards that end, I have often wondered why The Spokesman does not have frequent reporting on our congressional representative’s views, votes and opinions. When one goes to her website, we see that she has voted to “save us from the Affordable Healthcare Act.” That vote was taken in January.

No mention of her vote on Ryancare, her position on eliminating tax subsidies for farmers, oil companies and other government giveaways.

I suspect I know her position on taxes since she is beholding to Grover Norquist after signing the Taxpayers Protection Pledge.

I am not aware of any “town hall” meetings that have been held recently, or that are planned for the near future. With Congress in session one week out of every three you would think she would have time. The only time I see her is, like Forrest Gump, peering over Boehner’s shoulder. Do I blame her? No, indeed Why would she do that when the local paper gives her a pass?

Barry Cross


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