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Name-caller jumping to conclusions

Sat., June 25, 2011

I, too, live near St. John Vianney Catholic Church in the Spokane Valley. I read Rebecca Taylor’s letter in the Valley Voice (May 18, 2011) and am curious where she is obtaining her information on the feelings and behavior of her neighbors. Suggesting that the neighbors are “upset” and “destructive” is once again based on misinformation and assumption. Tell me, since when are yard signs considered purposeful destruction of a neighborhood? I have been involved in the land use/zoning issue since day one, and I am truly not upset with this process, nor are any of my neighbors.

I also noticed that the St. John Vianney School signs had been stolen, right at the same time as 90 percent of our green yard signs. I certainly would not publicly blame anyone for the theft of our green yard signs opposing the project, but I notice you are quick to name-call and blame your neighbors. I, too, will make an assumption: You haven’t learned to think things through. The blame for something is most likely to be misplaced when someone jumps to conclusions without thinking things through.

Perhaps you should learn to think things through and educate yourself before placing blame on your neighbors. Why don’t you make another phone call to the Parish Office and suggest they do what we did; buy more signs.

Sandy Holder

Spokane Valley


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