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Sun., June 26, 2011

Anti-gun campaign a myth

Curtis E. Stone (Letters, June 19) once again has made charges against Democrats without any supporting facts.

Stone said that the Democratic Party is blaming Mexican gun violence on the Second Amendment in order to disarm American citizens. Mexican police, not Democrats, announced that most of the guns they have seized were from the United States. They, not Democrats, blamed the Second Amendment.

The Democratic Party wants to disarm American citizens? Really? What Democrats, besides one or two, are trying to undermine the Second Amendment? Obama has not touched the subject since becoming president. What evidence is there that “the Democratic Party continues its assault on the Second Amendment”? What assault? Is there some growing social movement that I don’t know about?

The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the right of citizens to bear arms. Nobody is going to take your guns away from you, Mr. Stone, so stop making things up.

Lee Freese


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