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Sun., June 26, 2011

Gun scheme overlooked

I find it interesting that The Spokesman-Review has not picked up on the ongoing ATF “Operation Fast and Furious” scandal.

It’s becoming obvious that via this misguided and illegal operation, ATF has encouraged illegal gun purchases at border state gun shops in order to try and follow their path into Mexico. Or perhaps a deliberate attempt to inflate the number of guns found at Mexican crime scenes that can be “traced” to U.S. gun shops?

Apparently the idea was to trace the recovered guns after the fact, to see if they came from this operation and identify some “Big Fish” involved in the illegal gun trafficking. Big problem! ATF has no resources in Mexico to prevent these guns from being used in criminal activity, up to and including the killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry!

CBS News has been on this story since February, and Fox News more recently, but The Spokesman-Review continues to ignore it. Head in the sand even as congressional hearings are fighting administration stonewalling to attempt to uncover who approved this insanity.

Jim Parman

Newman Lake

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