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Sun., June 26, 2011

Picture alcohol’s toll

Graphic pictures on tobacco packaging is a good idea, though I doubt it will have much of a deterrent effect on users. My question is, why not the same thing for alcohol packaging?

All the concern about drugs and smoking are rightful concerns, but these are primarily things that affect the users, while alcohol more often hurts those others that aren’t abusing: the families, the crash victims, we citizens who have to pay for the messes it produces.

I’m not proposing prohibition. It didn’t work, but why aren’t we promoting alcohol abuse with the same horrible pictures as these other abuses? Could it be because so often we see our elected officials and distinguished leading citizens at social events with drinks prominently displayed in their hands?

Just look at your own picture reports of prominent social events that you report every week. And we wonder why we have an alcohol problem with our youth.

Jack Meredith

Post Falls

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