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Red tape not needed

Initiatives 1167 and 1163 are misinforming and misleading to the public. These measures are presented to the public as essential to protect the vulnerable population by requiring background checks and training. These requirements sound good to the public but are not necessary or funded.

Background checks have been required for several years for all people who work with vulnerable adults or children, and this practice won’t be going away anytime soon. The other element these initiatives are trying to reinstate is a training requirement for all staff members to complete 75 hours of training, which, if reinstated, would not be funded. The state Legislature recently made a monumental decision to postpone the implementation of this training law because of the $50-plus million it would require from state tax dollars.

Agencies providing services to vulnerable populations abide by strict rules and regulations set forth by the Legislature; the implementation of the above requirements does not strengthen or further secure services that are being offered. In the financial time that we are in, it is irresponsible of voters to allocate money unnecessarily to initiatives such as I-1167 and I-1163. Please oppose these two initiatives.

Kendra Ellis



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