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Huckleberries: Solidarity is in the mind of statue beholder

In response to criticism about the small protest against the public art statue of Hindu god Ganesha in downtown Coeur d’Alene June 10, Kootenai County Constitution Party Chairman Daniel Brennan claims on the group’s website that many Lake City residents agreed with his group’s stand, but they were too intimidated by political correctness to show it. Writes Brennan on the KCCP website: “As I chatted with others the general sentiment was one and the same with my own – that the statue was, on Christian principle, offensive to the vast majority of Coeur d’Alene residents, an egregious misappropriation of public resources, and in light of the constant and ongoing litigious crusade against any and all Christian symbols all over the country, a gross expression of governmental hypocrisy.” Seems he didn’t see that poll on my Huckleberries Online blog in which 90 percent of the respondents thought protesters were nuts and/or the local Constitution Party wasn’t worth supporting.

Postpartum Twitter

KXLY Executive Producer Melissa Luck set some sort of social media record for Spokane/Coeur d’Alene media by tweeting about her bouncing baby boy the same morning she gave birth. Daniel Aiden Deis arrived at 7:46 a.m. Wednesday. And Melissa’s 1,000 Twitter followers knew that she’d given birth to a second son by noon. The tweets leading up to her C-section were golden, too, including: “I think I just found the most depressing activity on earth – trying on nursing bras three days before you have a baby.” Also, Melissa mentioned how she dissuaded KXLY sports director hubby Derek Deis from live tweeting Daniel’s birth. Finally, Melissa tweets that she now knows the difference between a scheduled C-section and an emergency C-section: lipstick.


Poet’s Corner: Coast to coast and/across the nation/the whispered word/is now “stagflation” – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“The Economy in a Nutshell”) … Imagine the chagrin of the Post Falls PD Blue who was looking for the “girl in a pink bathing suit” at Falls Park who had SOS’d 911 to report boys throwing rocks at ducklings Wednesday – only to discover most girls on the beach were wearing pink swimsuits … Far Right activist Larry Spencer is circulating a bumper sticker that reads: “One Man, One Vote (except in Corrupt d’Lane).” Spencer & friends still can’t accept that incumbent Mike Kennedy beat challenger Jim Brannon by a handful of votes in November 2009, even after the lengthy court challenge won by Kennedy … Do you suppose Kootenai County Deputy Dawgs found the Hayden vehicle, reported missing Thursday, with the bumpersnicker: “Hawaiian Time: Always Late”?

Parting Shot

Jim Mangis, of Spokane, was test-driving the new lens on his camera Thursday evening, snapping away, when two men in thongs ran past him on the Centennial Trail near Spokane’s C.I. Shenanigans restaurant – one with a large circular tat on his right butt cheek. “Is this even legal,” wondered Jim’s buddy Rocky Castaneda, of Lake City Photography, who forwarded the photo to Huckleberries Online. In Coeur d’Alene, it is for sure. Two decades ago, Coeur d’Alene had a showdown over a man who regularly wore a thong to City Beach. And the man won his right to do so on a 4-2 vote of the council.