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Sun., June 26, 2011

Weighing in on service

So I once again dared to approach the post office about mailing one DVD. I bought one of their boxes, addressed it and presented it to the agent. He wrote the postage price right on the box.

When I asked for a little tape to close both ends of the box I was told, “Oh, we can’t do that unless you buy the tape.” What? After buying the P.O.’s box, I can’t even have two tiny pieces of tape in order to finish my mailing?

So I left with my pricey box and went to another branch. This man cheerfully peeled off two pieces and taped my box for me. But he did insist on reweighing the box. Amazingly, my DVD now cost 17 cents more to mail! When I expressed amazement at how heavy two 1-inch lengths of tape must weigh, he only explained that his scale had recently been recalibrated.

I can hardly wait for the next sobbing plea of our customer-friendly Postal Service wanting to raise prices yet again.

Rosanne Anderson


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