Icy roads lead to two school bus crashes

TUESDAY, MARCH 1, 2011, 10:32 A.M.

Going too fast for conditions was blamed this morning for a pair of crashes involving school buses on opposite sides of Spokane.

Two teenage drivers were cited and face $175 fines.

About 8 a.m., a 16-year-old boy was westbound behind a Central Valley School District bus when the bus slowed to pick up a student on Fourth Avenue east of Sullivan Road, according to Sgt. Dave Reagan.

The 16-year-old, who was driving a Subaru Outback, slid in to the rear of the bus. No injuries were reported.

About the same time, a Cheney School District bus was stopped at a stop sign at Aero and Westbow roads on the West Plains when it was also struck in the rear. No injuries were reported, but the students on the Cheney bus were loaded onto another bus in compliance with district policy, Reagan said.

David J. Leong, 18, was driving a 1993 Toyota Camry and was cited for going to fast under the icy conditions.

Reagan cautioned drivers to be mindful of icy conditions this time of year and to slow down to avoid accidents.

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