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From our archives, 100 years ago

A Spokane woman had consumed nothing but water for 17 days and reported that she felt “in perfect health.”

Mrs. Sadie E. Miller, a dressmaker, began the fast because she was trying to cure herself of stomach ailments.

She said her “love for highly seasoned foods” had nearly ruined her stomach.

So she decided to give her stomach a complete rest. She said she had “suffered no discomfort” during her fast and saw “no reason why I should not ignore food” for at least a few more days. She had just visited a friend who was cooking a dish she is “very fond of” – spareribs and sauerkraut – but she reported she was not tempted in the least.

She had already dropped 20 pounds.

Also from the food beat: Residents of Spokane’s Chinese community were suffering through a shortage of China-grown rice.

The shortage was blamed on crop failures in China. Spokane’s Chinese community had nothing but rice from Florida, Cuba and the West Indies, which they considered to be “not worth the boiling.”

“They are in the same boat as Americans would be if all the potatoes decayed overnight,” said The Spokesman-Review.

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