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Sat., March 5, 2011

A better Valley begins with you

Ask not what the Spokane Valley can do for you; ask what you can do for the Spokane Valley.

Start by cleaning up the Valley. If you see trash, pick it up and put it in a container.

Drive with consideration for other people and watch for people that are walking. If you walk your dog, pick up after the little critter. Use a plastic bag.

We are more than 80,000 citizens and could be one of the best cities in the state if you care. If you see an elderly person or a disabled person and you can help him, have right at it.

It’s time we all did something nice for our city and the people in it.

Dave Nightser

Spokane Valley


Council should hear chickens next door

This is concerning the relaxed chicken rules the city of Spokane Valley is thinking of approving.

Approximately four years ago, our next-door neighbors moved onto their one-acre “farm.” One morning I was woken up at first daylight, after just a few hours of sleep and said, “What is that noise?” I had worked until midnight and couldn’t get to sleep until 3 a.m.

My neighbors had placed chickens in a coop approximately 20 feet from my bedroom window. Also, 20 feet from the coop is our outdoor table, where we enjoyed eating dinner on a summer evening, under our only tall tree in the front yard. Of course, the chicken coop is probably 80 feet from their back door and behind one of their four out-buildings.

We complained to government officials and the neighbors had to remove their chickens, but they became very angry with us. They showed their displeasure by allowing their dog to stand behind the fenced property line and bark and bark and bark when we’re outside. So I expect I’ll be hearing chickens again soon.

Working with the public, the City Council members should know that some people are considerate of others, but there are some who could care less about their neighbors.

Oh, how I wish our elected officials were here with me to participate in all the joys of chickening!

Carolyn Boyd

Spokane Valley


City considering wading pool options

Thank you for the great article regarding the city of Millwood’s wading pool (Valley Voice, Feb. 26).

At this time city staff is looking into possible removal, renovation and replacement options for the pool. The public will be fully informed of the progress throughout this process.

Dan Mork

Mayor, City of Millwood


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