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The Slice: Maybe she just needs a little direction

Sat., March 5, 2011

Patricia Benner was making a purchase at a local store when she encountered someone who doesn’t quite get it.

The individual in question, a thirtysomething store clerk, either has a poor grasp of area geography or she has yet to master the basics of retail commerce.

She floored Benner by turning to another clerk and asking, “Can we take a check from Mead?”

Going incognito: “With me, it isn’t sunglasses that make me unrecognizable,” said Jana Augenstine. “It is a ball cap.”

Of course, her golf buddies might not recognize her without one.

Cool apparatus superseded by computers: “Slide rule,” said Keith Gehr, Jim Carmody and several others.

Choose the worst pick-up line: A) “Hi, I’m the guy who thought of changing ‘Washington Water Power’ to ‘Avista.’ ” B) “Hello, I’m the guy who came up with Spokesman-Review radio.” C) “I’m the Hoopfest shooter.” D). “Hi, I was Daryl Romeyn’s campaign manager.” E) “Didn’t we meet at a Preserve the Potholes gathering?” F) “Hi, I’m responsible for Spokane’s Amtrak schedule.” G) “Want to see my impression of our congresswoman earnestly standing next to the House leadership?” H) Other.

Slice answer: Patsy Wood estimated that 43 percent of Spokane men wouldn’t be willing to take advice from a woman in matters automotive, mechanical, et cetera.

One more answer to those invitation-only questions: Ted Redman said London is his favorite big city.

Divided we stand: Molly Arnzen was among those who prefer “North Idaho.”

Sheila Barnes was one of the backers of “Northern Idaho.”

It’s gonna blow: “Dear Paul: Last night I was working on a papier-mâché volcano with my son, Jordan, and found myself putting a strip of newspaper, with your face front and center, right below what will be the eventual eruption site,” wrote Ashley Steinhart. “… Ever wondered how many papier-mâché objects incorporate your visage?”

No, but I’ve heard about some bird-cage positioning.

Today’s Slice question: Who is having a Selection Sunday party on the 13th?

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