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A case of overkill

Joseph Duncan III has received three federal death sentences and nine life terms for his unspeakable actions in Idaho. Extradited to California in 2009, he awaits the decision as to whether he will be given yet a fourth death sentence, or if a settlement can be reached.

A settlement? What was the Riverside County D.A. thinking when he had Duncan extradited in the first place? Possibly that Duncan would somehow survive his nine life terms and three executions in Idaho? Always that fourth execution date just in case?

The D.A.’s decision lies on the backs of every taxpaying citizen in California. Is it any wonder they lead the nation in financial ineptness? A small example of the big egos, personal interest and frivolous spending that goes on every day at the local, state and federal level. Middle class, beware, ’cause we’re goin’ down.

Gary Puntney



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