March 6, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Costlier than an oil change


As I am quickly sliding into the dimmer side of the Golden Years, I try to keep my aging body and my younger vehicle in good repair with annual checkups.

I took my four-wheeled Silver Treasure to be poked and prodded and within an hour I was handed, with great pride by the technician, an itemized list, carefully checked off, all passing with flying colors. As my Treasure is still under warranty (paid for in advance, of course), the bottom line read “no charge.”

Next, it was my turn. With thumping heart, I checked in at my doctor’s office, dreading my turn to be poked and prodded. A nurse took my blood pressure (over the top, oh, well, not to worry) and, much later, a student nurse practitioner listened to my heart, said it sounded good and bam, slam, out the door I am, sitting in my Silver Treasure, wondering why she got better care than me.

The cost for my checkup? I don’t know, as my Medicare Advantage insurance (for which I pay a premium) got the bill, but I bet it is a whopper! I don’t think they got their money’s worth, do you?

Sally Giannini

Spokane Valley

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