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Council out of its depth

We don’t have a friendly small town in Millwood anymore. The mayor and City Council can’t even maintain the wading pool. What’s next, charge people to use the park?

They got Millwood changed from a town to a city. Why, so they could get all new stationery? They also spent money for new expensive street signs (which were not needed), redecorated the inside of the Town Hall (but now they don’t let anyone use it) and changed the town logo so that now it looks like Liberty Lake’s.

I don’t understand. In the past we built a new maintenance shop, bought new dump trucks and maintenance trucks, built a gazebo, resurfaced the tennis courts, painted the water tank, did extensive landscaping and plowed snow regularly. Also, we already built a spray park for the kids, so why did they say they planned to replace the wading pool with a spray park? We did all this and more and stayed within budget.

Millwood now has a new tax base in the shopping center at Trent and Argonne, and I’m sure the paper mill still pays their taxes.

Why can’t they manage to maintain the popular wading pool? What’s next?

Jeanne Batson



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