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Sun., March 6, 2011

From our archives, 100 years ago

An argument over education funding in the Idaho Legislature turned into a kicking and punching fight between two state senators.

The Senate was debating appropriations for state schools, including the University of Idaho.

Sen. O.F. Page from Bonner County uttered these words to Sen. Jerome Day from Latah County: “You are a gang of (word deleted) robbers at that university and you are the worst one of the gang.”

No surprise, this provoked Day, who lunged forward and punched Page in the eye. “The men were at each other like wildcats,” but quickly separated. They lunged at each other again, and were separated. One more time, they broke free from their peacemakers and rushed toward each other.

“They went to the floor in a grapple, striking and kicking,” said the paper. “With the greatest difficulty, they were pulled apart for the third time.”

Day later apologized to the Senate for his role in the fight; Page remained silent.

The next day, Page was involved in another altercation on a Boise street. Without warning, Page attacked another state representative from Latah County, saying, “That’s for your part in the trouble.”

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