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Sun., March 6, 2011

Why not pot?

In response to the letter from Abbie Magee (Feb. 27), there are many good reasons to legalize marijuana. We have supposedly learned in this country that prohibition doesn’t work. Therefore, we can legally buy beer, wine and hard liquor. We can also buy cigarettes, which we know are damaging to our health.

The choice to buy them is individual. They are quality-controlled and regulated. If marijuana were legalized, the illegal traffic and crimes associated with it would be eliminated.

Users would be able to count on quality and safety. The usage would not necessarily increase, but the onus and the risk would decrease. People who need marijuana for medical reasons would be able to get it easily. It is not our job to judge whether or not they need it.

So, Abbie, it is illegal. But, if consumers can make a choice for liquor and cigarettes, why not marijuana?

Judy McKeehan


If you do not want your union job, Ed Walther (Letters, March 1), quit. There are a thousand people that would love to have your job and pay those dues.

You need to check the wages and benefits of workers that do a comparable job without a union. If you do you will probably gladly pay the $31 per month to your union.

Sue Anderson


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