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Fri., March 11, 2011

Noise level exhausting

In the auto advertisement section on Feb. 10 was what I thought was a disturbing ad for a vehicle featuring “Custom exhaust because loud pipes save lives.” With that logic maybe all small cars should be equipped with flashing lights and sirens.

What more does a large pickup on 35-inch wheels need to be visible? On the other hand, they may be saying, “I’m big and bad; my noise is telling you to get out of my way.”

The Revised Code of Washington states: “A motor vehicle shall have a muffler in good working order to prevent excessive or unusual noise. The exhaust system shall not be modified to amplify or increase noise.”

Our homes, yards and city streets are continually invaded by noise. Most of us have had our conversations, TV programs, phone calls and even our sleep interrupted by passing vehicles. Why do so many of us have to be subjected to the ego trips of the few rude people in our society? We have too much noise in our world. We need less, not more.

Ralph Laws


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