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The Slice: Turning back the enthusiasm

Once again, I will not be springing ahead to daylight saving time.

That takes place this weekend. And even with losing an hour and all, a lot of people love this annual shift.

I, however, am unmoved. I remain opposed to monkeying with the clock. Why can’t people just adjust their schedules if they need to reorient their relationship with the solar system? Are we that incapable of fending for ourselves?

OK, I realize schools and what-have-you need to be on the same page. But still.

I wonder, though. When this gets foisted on us every year, where are the angry folks who see socialism under every rock?

In addition, I can’t stand that lots of people incorrectly say “Daylight Savings Time,” as if this misguided policy is the work of some soon-to-be-failed cosmic bank.

So anyway, if you contemplate any dealings with me in the next few months, please be advised that I will be observing Slice time.

That’s just like standard time except lonelier.

Warm-up questions: Where in the Northwest would be the most likely place to find Bigfoot at home? Ownership of Carole King’s “Tapestry” album in the original vinyl suggests what demographic profile? Has any parent in history ever blamed a child’s failed marriage or the messed-up grandchildren on his or her own kid?

As of what year will there no longer be anyone around who remembers seeing AAA baseball in Spokane? Is “Lilac City” insufficiently gritty for Spokane? Can you remember how quickly the moon-landing missions came to be taken for granted?

Do you suspect that pizza delivery people have a nickname for you? Do you ever wonder if the driver of an oncoming car is texting? Am I the only one who long ago got Squaw Valley and Sun Valley confused and once thought the 1960 winter Olympics had been held in Idaho?

Today’s Slice question: Because of increasing participation in far-flung family plans where the primary account holder is a sister in Missouri or a son-in-law in Nevada, more and more local people have cell-phone numbers that do not have 509 or 208 as an area code. What’s the biggest drawback to that?

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