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A review of home remedies

DEAR DR. GOTT: In a recent column, you referred to two possible cures for toenail fungus other than menthol salve. One was an over-the-counter product, and the other was a soaking agent. Could you please relate what these two potential cures are?

DEAR READER: The article to which you are probably referring can be found on my website at nail-fungus-home-remedies.

There are many home remedies for nail fungus, some more successful (based on reader input) than others. I believe one of the products you are referring to is Miranel, which is available over-the-counter at Walgreens. It is applied directly to the toenail and surrounding skin daily using the applicator brush provided.

Another product that has been successful is decolorized iodine, also known as white iodine. This product may also improve weak, brittle nails.

As for soaking agents, I have received several letters regarding white vinegar. Some people soak a cotton ball and then apply it to the affected nail several times a day, while others simply dilute the vinegar with warm water and soak the whole foot. This may also help with athlete’s foot.

Others have chosen to use diluted bleach in a similar manner.

Many years ago, I recommended a foot soak using Pau d’Arco tea. The feet have to be soaked several times a day. I have since stopped recommending it because the above remedies appear to be readily available, easier, less expensive and provide better results.

Dr. Peter H. Gott is a retired physician. His website is