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Health, safety in jeopardy

I am quite upset that the House recently passed a funding measure that threatens our health and safety by taking away the power of the EPA to protect our air and water. They jeopardize our assurance of safe food, water and air by limiting their ability to protect public health.

These anti-environmental amendments have nothing to do with reducing the budget deficit and are simply backdoor efforts to gut environmental protections and reward companies that hurt our environment and our health while putting money into their pockets. These measures would prevent the EPA from closing loopholes in the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act that curb harmful carbon pollution that hold corporate polluters accountable.

If these measures pass, the nation’s biggest polluters would cash in on their long sought after agenda and make millions. These riders would not cut government or create jobs. They would only hurt the people. We need to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, the lands we enjoy and the food we eat.

Sue A. Orlowski



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